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Greg Beachemin portrait

Greg Beauchemin, MS, EHS, is president and CEO of Community EMS and Parastar. He launched CEMS in 1982 as a not-for-profit EMS organization. Under Beauchemin’s leadership, CEMS evolved, adopting new technologies and innovative management practices, which allowed it to launch a subsidiary, Parastar, in 1987 as an EMS billing, consulting and management service, extending its medical transportation expertise to 10 health care systems nationwide.

His unique vision for the future of EMS culminated in Parastar’s signature, not-for-profit, joint venture model, supported primarily through EMS transports and also by multiple revenue streams from additional service lines, such as fleet maintenance facilities, EMS education and lab-courier services.

Beauchemin has 40 years of experience in emergency health services, disaster management and system design, which he has used to build an organization with offices in five states, is active in all 48 contiguous states and is renowned around the world for wireless technology use in EMS services and disaster management. Under his leadership, CEMS has evolved to include disaster relief efforts, multiple health system transportation service provisions, EMS training and education and electronic patient information transfer. Additionally, Beauchemin has identified complementary information technologies that work together to provide virtual care to patients in acute and non-acute settings.

He earned a master’s degree in emergency health services from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and a bachelor of science in emergency medical service from Madonna University. Over the years, Beauchemin has received numerous honors on the many aspects of his lifetime of achievement in the EMS industry. Furthermore, he has been a teacher and educator for the State of Michigan 911 Directors and several other organizations, and continues to serve as a keynote speaker at various leadership conferences in the U.S. and globally, including speaking at the International EMS Conference in Beijing, China.