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Botsford News Release


Security director receives Botsford Hospital’s Safety Award

Farmington Hills, Mich. (April 3, 2014)---Hospitals tend to keep quiet about violence in emergency centers and other areas; however, Botsford Hospital's Director of Security Michael Geldmacher openly addresses safety and security issues. To honor his ongoing and effective efforts to strengthen the hospital's safety and security, Botsford has named Geldmacher as a recipient of its Safety Award. Botsford's Safety Award recognizes employees' contributions to the hospital's safety initiatives. Safety is a pillar on which Botsford has built its clinical care. 
Responding to employees' concerns regarding their physical security, Geldmacher expanded the video surveillance system throughout the hospital. In addition, he developed procedures to help ensure critical areas of the hospital can be locked down during emergency situations. 
Geldmacher took the initiative to develop policies and training programs to allow security officers to carry Tasers for use in select emergency situations. He has also instituted new authoritative-looking uniforms for his officers, which increase their visibility, act as a crime deterrent, and allow them to move more freely when they are engaged in physical activity. 
Botsford's Canine Security Program has enjoyed a successful rollout after Geldmacher's selection and training of a security officer-dog team. Moreover, he has fostered strong relationships with the Farmington Hills Police Department to facilitate emergency response drills and training for Botsford on a regular basis. 
Geldmacher is known for sharing the onus of responsibility for a safe and secure hospital environment. Under his B.O.S.S. Program (Botsford Observation for Safety & Security), hospital employees, physicians, and volunteers are empowered to be Security's eyes and ears. When someone sees something or someone that looks wrong, he or she places an immediate call to the hospital's Security Department. Officers are dispatched immediately. His frequent "Quick Tips" columns in the hospital's newsletter for staff have included reminders about securing their valuables while at work, not leaving their hospital ID badges in their vehicles, and cutting out corridor clutter. 
With vision and leadership, Geldmacher has contributed greatly to the well-being of Botsford Hospital's patients, visitors, and employees.

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